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Let me tell you this: I have a shoe addiction. A mad shoe addiction. I guess I'm not the only one... Yesterday, my mom and I ran into an old friend of her. She told us that there was a major sale of Fred De La Bretoniere nearby. We just got back from a major Dept sale and we were in doubt whether to go or not, as we already bought a lot of clothes.. 

As you can see above, we did go. As soon as I walked in, I saw these beautiful booties. As lucky as I was, they still were there in my size! One minute after I got them, they were all sold out. Guess I was really lucky, right? After some wandering I laid my eyes on these leopard printed shoes. Gosh I had to have them. You know, if these shoes weren't in discount, I probably never bought them. But once they were, I can enjoy them even more. I always enjoy my clothes a lot more when they didn't cost me that much; that's why I love sales. 

Both pair of shoes from Fred De La Bretoniere

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