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Three weeks of the beautiful California (, Nevada & Arizona)


All photo's unedited 1&19/ Beautiful sunset in Twentynine Palms, 2&7&27/ San Diego Old Town, 3&14&16&18&45/ Las Vegas, 4/ Old Route 66, 5/ Williams Arizona, 6&8&11&22&24&26&29/ Grand Canyon, 9&31/ Hollywood Walk of Fame, 10/ Hollywood, 12/ In the middle of nowhere, 13/ Desert highway, 15&17&33/ Joshua Tree Park, 20&34/ Palm Springs, 21/ San Diego, 23&37/ Californian Palms, 25/ Mr. Brainwash in LA, 28&30/ Rodeo Drive, 32/ Los Angeles, 35&39&56/ Death Valley, 36&43/ Venice Beach, 38/ Beverly Hills, 40&54/ Pismo Beach, 41/ Cabrillo Hwy, 42/ Santa Barbara, 44&51/ Alcatraz, 46&47&53/ San Francisco, 48&49/ China Town San Francisco, 50/ Cute bus in San Fran, 52&55/ Having a swim in creeks

For three whole weeks I've been in California, Nevada & Arizona. Mostly California. Me and my family toured over 5000km through the deserts, woods and cities. We went from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon to: Twentynine Palms - Palm Springs - San Diego - Los Angeles - Santa Barbara - Pismo Beach - Monterey - San Francisco - and drove back to Las Vegas with a few stops at National Parks, like Yosemite and Death Valley. We really have seen a lot. These photo's are just a selection of the 6000+ I have.. It was beautiful. 

I am also making a movie, I will upload it when it's finished. 

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  1. This post is amazing. It was interesting to see California.